- London - The World's First Fully-Immersive Open-World Adventure The World's First Fully-Immersive Open-World Adventure
Phantom Peak is now open to outsiders and tickets are flying! Tickets to Phantom Peak: Immersive Open-world Adventure will be released on Tuesday 24th May at 11am
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Phantom Peak London Reviews

How other outsiders felt about Phantom Peak

4.5 out of 5 stars

  • E. L.

    Absolutely incredible. One of the best things I’ve ever been to. Once you get the hang of trails it’s totally addictive. Going around solving clues and talking to the characters is brilliant. It’s such a clever concept. The food and drink is great too. Will definitely be back for some more trails and drinks! Would recommend to everyone. Couples, families, absolutely everyone.

  • Jon B.

    Brilliant, we had a fabulous adventure, and stayed from opening to closing time!

  • Laura B.

    Great evening, really enjoyed solving the puzzles and all the staff were very friendly.

  • Riley F.

    WOW. My wife and I spent 5 hours exploring the rich, living "city" of Phantom Peak, and the only reason we didn´t stay longer was because of closing time. Fully immersive, with rich characters and so many mysteries and plots to uncover that you´ll need more than one day to get the full experience. Plus, the food and drink were of high quality and low expense. I can´t wait to return to town and continue to unravel the mysteries lying in wait.

  • John O.

    Amazing set and scenery and truly immersive experience in the western world. Really great fun!

  • Caelan O.

    We had the time of our lives running round and solving mysteries, and there's still so much more to do. The best things happen when you get stuck in, get involved, and love the world. Would recommend a million times over, and we'll be going again to finish more adventures. Perfect for lovers of immersion, escape rooms, puzzle solvers, and fans of fun. Go!


Welcome to Phantom Peak, known far and wide as the Venice of the West! In this fully-realised steampunk mining town, nothing is what it seems…

What is hiding in the vestiges of the mines? What does the charismatic founder of corporate JONACO really seek in this sleepy town? Was the Blimp Crash really just an accident?

Dine, shop, play games, go sightseeing, collect clues… explore the town and uncover its mysteries at your own pace for up to five hours in an immersive open-world adventure the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

  • Activities and tours of the Phantom Peak immersive experience


    Whether you fancy strolling around by the lake with a drink, renting a boat, or delving deeper and unpacking the myriad mysteries of the town, the choice is yours.
  • Actors and set of Phantom Peak London


    Enjoy immersive theatre in this theme park style town. Phantom Peak combines experiential, dining and live gameplay all in one never-ending world.
  • Two girls having a drink at Phantom Peak London


    Enjoy the finest food and drink with a dynamic menu, all served with sustainable reusable trays and cutlery. Savour traditional South American cuisine, homemade flavoursome pies, coffee and gelato, plus much more!


The Festival of the Phantom Peak is in full swing, marking the first time that the town opens its doors to outsiders like you. Jonas and his company, JONACO, have taken great care to ensure you enjoy your stay!

Back when Phantom Peak was called Phantom Deeps, it suffered a horrible fate. Its mayor at the time, Dr. Joylon S. Furbish, disappeared in a freak blimp accident that destroyed half of the Old Town. But thanks to JONACO, Phantom Deeps rose from the ashes! The new, refurbished part of town became Phantom Peak, and the Blimp Crash became little more than a memory.

Dummy - Phantom Peak in London: An open world immersive experience

In the shining new town, you’ll find beautiful canals, exciting carnival games, delicious food stands, and the latest JONACO technology, of course. It is the perfect place to take a stroll and enjoy some sightseeing.

You’re free to explore the Old Town (or what’s left of it) if you wish, but you’ll only find shadows of the past and a few outcasts united under the banner of the old Miramine Co-operative. Still, these people claim that not everything in Phantom Peak is as pretty as JONACO makes it seem…
Will you take the town at face value and enjoy Phantom Peak’s avant-garde design, or will you dig deeper in search of the truth?

Dummy - Phantom Peak in London: An open world immersive experience

Practical info

  1. Date: Wednesdays–Sundays from August 2022
  2. Opening hours: Wed-Fri 5pm-10pm & Sat-Sun 11am-4pm / 5pm-10pm
  3. Duration: 5 hours
  4. Location: Canada St, Surrey Quays Rd, SE16 7PJ (Behind Southwark Construction Skills Centre).
  5. Age requirement: All ages, under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult. Children up to 3 years old may go for free.
  6. Price: Starting at ÂŁ34
  7. Dress code: There is no dress code but feel free to dress up if you like
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Where is Phantom Peak?

Canada Street, Surrey Quays Road, London, SE16 7PJ, UK.
Train icon Canada Water (Jubilee & Overground)
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